“Grand Mansion” is endowed with profound conception of Chinese traditional culture, which symbolize nobleness and honor with such implications as “dignity”, “legitimacy” and “genuineness”, namely “orthodox” Chinese food and cuisine culture.

“Grand” is endowed with the conception of promotion, acceptance, priority and profundity; whereas “Mansion” represents courtyard, garden and family. It is a tradition passed down from ancient time for Chinese people to express joy and happiness in the form gathering, dinning together and home party in the courtyard. This aims to convey such implications as harmonization, belonging, joy and unification.

“Grand Mansion” serves as the extension and upgrading of brand of “Grand Mansion Gate”, which has more extensive implications. It bears distinctive features of Chinese food and cuisine as represented by Beijing Culture.

“Grand Mansion” is manifested by means of characters and forms of Chinese traditional calligraphy, which can better display the essence of tradition, undertaking and succession. Furthermore, epigraph of “Sushi” the famous calligrapher can vividly manifest its cavity, grandness and longinquity. As registered designation and trademark, implications of “Grand Mansion” are mainly manifested by its inherent quality as well as spirit and dedication of a restaurant with a history of one hundred years.