Wedding Banquet

Wedding banquet is also known as “marriage banquet”, which refers to grand banquet organized in appreciation of visiting guests. If the wedding ceremony is regarded as the climax of wedding activities, then wedding banquet can be deemed as the ultimate of wedding.

Rules of rites at wedding banquet are complicated yet exquisite. There are complete sets of rules for seating, serving, composition of dishes, dinning rites as well as arrangement of dinning tables and layout of dishes. At present, most of wedding banquets are held at hotels or big restaurants.

Just as saying goes, “banquet is essential for marriage; whereas wine is inevitable for marriage of daughters”. Menu of wedding banquet contains profound knowledge. For Chinese wedding, menu is of vital importance, which serves as centralized manifestation of culture, customs and habits.

Design of menu for wedding banquet must be based on the principles for cooking preparations. For an ideal menu for wedding banquet, abundant materials are also important in addition to appropriate allocation of meat, fish and vegetables. Both taste and appearance are indispensable.

Dishes of wedding banquet must be delicious, abundant and special, of which, cooking methods should also be exquisite and perfect.

Banquet menu must be based on the banquet subject for the purpose of designing appropriate menu and setting off the subject.

Dishes of wedding banquet are normally in even numbers. Eight dishes symbolize prospecting career; ten dishes symbolize perfection; twelve dishes symbolize happiness on monthly basis.All restaurants affiliated to Grand Mansion can provide customers with “wedding banquet” sites and considerable services. Numerous wedding banquet dishes as selected by the chef personally will bring more happiness and festal noble experiences to your wedding banquet.

Grand Mansion warmly welcomes all friends to make advance reservation of wedding banquets! May the beloved become a couple to the end of their lives!