Banquet in celebration happiness

According to folk sayings, there are 4 happy things, namely, having a welcome rain after a long drought, meeting an old friend in a distant land, wedding night and passing the palace examination. Actually, people may have many happy things in daily life, such as celebrations for festival, new home, promotion, birthday, enrollment, harvest, home building, honoring master, first baby and studying abroad. Normally, people prefer to held banquets to celebrate such happy things. Such banquets range from one or two dinning tables to several dozens of tables according to magnitude and influence of such happy things. People would take occasion on such banquets to express their happiness and congratulations.

All restaurants affiliated to Grand Mansion can assume various banquets for customers in celebration of their happiness by providing elegant package rooms and considerable services. All restaurants can prepare delicious refreshments according to specific demands of guests to enable them to have a good time.

  • Beijing Grand Mansion Restaurant (Guoxing)

    Add: A20, South Capital Stadium Road, Haidian District,

    Tel: 010-62163838 62168538

  • Shanghai Grand Mansion Restaurant

    Add: 2-4 F, Building C, No.665 Shangcheng Road,
          Pudong New Area,Shanghai (near North Nanquan
          Road) For reservations.

    Tel: 021-58781888

  • Guangdong Grand Mansion Restaurant (Beijing)

    Add: 36 Lingnan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

    Tel: 010-88556666 010-68731899, extension 6216

  • Grand Mansion Capital Stadium Flagship Restaurant

    Add: A20, South Capital Stadium Road, Haidian District,

    Tel: 010-88356689 88356687

  • Grand Mansion Asian Games Village Restaurant

    Add: No.3 Building, Huixinbeili, Chaoyang District,

    Tel: 010-64952166 64950018 64958442 (VIP hotline)

  • Grand Mansion Tianshuiyuan Seafood Restaurant

    Add: Southside of A1, Tianshuiyuan Road, Chaoyang
          District, Beijing

    Tel: 010-65925866 65925855

  • Grand Mansion Yingke Center Restaurant

    Add: F4, Pacific Department Store, Yingke Center, A2
          North Capital Stadium Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Tel: 010-65392668 65392868

  • Grand Mansion Xicui Theater Restaurant

    Add: 11 Xicui Road, Haidian District, Beijing

    Tel: 010-68222256 68222953 68287479