Business Banquet

The business banquet refers to the banquet for ceremonial activities as per business demands, particular in celebration of certain business activities between partners or companies or firms or enterprises and relevant institutions, Chinese-funded institutions and foreign-funded institutions (such as negotiations, conclusion of agreements and cooperation celebrations). Some enterprise may hold banquet to express their thanks to relevant personnel making contributions to success in their major business operations. Business banquet is normally in the form of round-table dinner, oblong-table dinner, buffet dinner or cocktail lounge.

For business banquet, arrangement of table and seats is of vital importance. According to habit, dinning tables are arranged as per their distance to the host dinning table. Normally, dinning table on the right side is superior to that on the left side. If numerous dinning tables are arranged, table number cards must be provided. Business banquet can use round tables, square tables or oblong tables. For banquet with more than one dinning table provided, space between each dinning table should be appropriate; whereas space between each seat shall be identical. For group banquet, the headmost or central dinning table is the host table. Prior sequence of guests serves as the basis for arrangement of seats. According to Chinese habit, seats are arranged as per posts of the guests to facilitate chatting. If male guests take their wives to the banquet, ladies shall be arranged together. In other words, host of honor shall site on the upper right side of the male host with his wife being seated on the upper right side of the female host. For business banquet with more than two dinning tables provided, No.1 host’s seat of other tables shall be identical to that of the host table. Alternatively, it is also applicable to designate the seat opposite to the host table as the host seat.

All restaurants affiliated to Grand Mansion are situated at the CBD of Beijing and Shanghai, enjoying incomparable geographic advantages. Decoration of lobbies is endowed with Western and Oriental cultural features. Corridor grid, luxurious package rooms, exquisite furniture, wall paintings and calligraphy rolls and crystal lamps are vivid representation of essence of Chinese traditional culture and European classical romantic charm. Overall dinning Environment is luxurious yet elegant and noble yet tranquil. There are too many excellent things to be fully appreciated all at once. Unique dishes represent prerequisite innovation of the chef; whereas unique taste is a manifestation of essence of traditional delicacies. All dishes are prepared based on the principle of nourishment and health. Such restaurants have secured Grand Mansion’s leading position of business banquet in Beijing. Your can have gathering in a tranquil, private, comfortable and warm Environment . Business banquet will enable you to have a noble and luxurious experience. All restaurants affiliated to Grand Mansion can provide customers with integrated dinning and entertainment services, which are of preferred selection of business managers for business banquet. Grand Mansion is regarded by numerous business elites and media as the most unique restaurant in Beijing.

  • Beijing Grand Mansion Restaurant (Guoxing)

    Add: A20, South Capital Stadium Road, Haidian District,

    Tel: 010-62163838 62168538

  • Shanghai Grand Mansion Restaurant

    Add: 2-4 F, Building C, No.665 Shangcheng Road,
          Pudong New Area,Shanghai (near North Nanquan
          Road) For reservations.

    Tel: 021-58781888

  • Guangdong Grand Mansion Restaurant (Beijing)

    Add: 36 Lingnan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

    Tel: 010-88556666 010-68731899, extension 6216

  • Grand Mansion Capital Stadium Flagship Restaurant

    Add: A20, South Capital Stadium Road, Haidian District,

    Tel: 010-88356689 88356687

  • Grand Mansion Asian Games Village Restaurant

    Add: No.3 Building, Huixinbeili, Chaoyang District,

    Tel: 010-64952166 64950018 64958442 (VIP hotline)

  • Grand Mansion Tianshuiyuan Seafood Restaurant

    Add: Southside of A1, Tianshuiyuan Road, Chaoyang
          District, Beijing

    Tel: 010-65925866 65925855

  • Grand Mansion Yingke Center Restaurant

    Add: F4, Pacific Department Store, Yingke Center, A2
          North Capital Stadium Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Tel: 010-65392668 65392868

  • Grand Mansion Xicui Theater Restaurant

    Add: 11 Xicui Road, Haidian District, Beijing

    Tel: 010-68222256 68222953 68287479