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Dedication to original Japanese flavor

Introduction to Hecai Japanese Restaurant

House 1885 situated at Shangcheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai is an old building with a history of over one hundred years, which has experienced numerous difficulties and historical transitions. This building is formerly known as Shenjia Villa. Owing to this name, nearby street was also named as Shenjianong Road previously, which was changed to Shangcheng Road after liberation. Shanghai Hecai Japanese Restaurant is situated at the F2, of Block C of House 1885, the American-style official mansion centered on Shenjia Villa. When you step in and pass through the tranquil garden to the greenbelt, you may find that Shanghai Hecai Japanese Restaurant appears to be elegant and tranquil as set off by the lamplight.
When you take the panorama lift to 3F, and step into the long corridor resembling Kyoto of Japan in ancient time. The restaurant is characterized by original Japanese food and beautiful Environment , which is applicable to gatherings by friends, colleagues and families. It is famous for its fragrant and sizzling barbeque, which is provided with packaged rooms of different sizes as named after such ancient Japanese nations as Itaba, Aki and Izumi. The Teppanyaki here is of unique Japanese flavor integrated with wonderful performances by the chef and cooking skills, which is really perfect and brilliant. The unique and delicious sushi as offered by the restaurant is the combination of Western and oriental catering cultures as well as traditional sushi technique of Japan innovated in accommodation with international flavor. The restaurant can provide free parking and unlimited internet access, which is the preferred selection for business activities.

Delicious food of Hecai Japanese Restaurant

Delicate Japanese food and fresh seafood transported by air on daily basis represents the perfect combination of Western and oriental catering cultures; whereas unique sushi is prepared with traditional sushi technique innovated in accommodation with international flavor. Skillful chefs can provide various delicious sushi and sashimi at your request. Japanese chefs, representing traditional exquisite Japanese cuisines, delicately prepare all dishes here.
Set meal as provided by Hecai at lunch represents the essence of Japanese food, which is characterized by reasonable price and high taste. Here, you can find many of your desired delicious food prepared with diversified Japanese cooking skills, such as fragrant tempura, seafood transported by air, sashimi and so on. The Teppanyaki here is of unique Japanese flavor integrated with wonderful performances by the chef and cooking skills, which is really perfect and brilliant. All dishes here are delicately prepared with such materials as meat, seafood and vegetables. You can enjoy unique Teppanyaki, carbon roasted food as well as various Japanese pickles and food made of wheat here. It is a good place for you to experience happiness and satisfaction from Japanese food. Furthermore, various desserts as represented by traditional strawberry glutinous rice balls and diversified Japanese snacks are delicious food that you cannot deny.

Wine of Hecai Japanese Restaurant

Hecai Japanese Restaurant can provide various well-chosen wines as represented by Japanese sake, rack and cocktails for your meal.
You can have a taste of delicious Japanese food, and experience the relaxed dinning atmosphere at Hecai Japanese Restaurant.

Hecai VIP card, new catering fashion

From now on, you can come to distinguished dinning hall of Hecai Japanese Restaurant to enjoy delicious Japanese food and wine to your satisfaction, just as in your private kitchen. More importantly, this is economical. From economical business set meal to afternoon tea during “HAPPY HOUR”, family gathering, private banquet, fashionable and jubilant parties and appointments with old friends, you can enjoy incomparable honor and treatment with VIP card. You can have a taste of all delicious food just with one card. Currently, recruitment of one-year membership is just under way.
For details on application for VIP membership of Hecai Japanese Restaurant, please dial hotline: 021-5878-6566
Floor and seats: F2, 160 seats
VIP packaged rooms and Teppanyaki: 10 rooms (the biggest room is available for dinning by 70 persons)

Opening time of Hecai Japanese Restaurant

Lunch: 11:00am - 02:00pm, Monday-Sunday
“HAPPY HOUR”: 02:00pm - 05:00pm, Monday-Friday
Supper: 05:00pm - 11:00pm, Monday-Sunday
No holiday in 365 days a year

Shanghai Hecai Japanese Restaurant

Add: F2, 665 Shangcheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Tel: 021-58786566