GLORY & HARMONY WINE CO., LTD. is a wine trading company affiliated to Grand Mansion, which is specialized in import of wine made in Italy, France, Australia and U.S.A as well as ice wine made in Canada as an importer. All products under exclusive agency are original wine bottled at legal producing area. Our business mode is represented by recruitment of distributors nationwide to ensure simultaneous expansion in market share and sales volume for developing market jointly with distributors in the mode of integrated services.

We have the following incomparable advantages over exploration of wine market and customer services:
1. 100% imported original wine of high quality.
2. Exclusive agency of products of numerous famous Chateaus and prolific product structure and price span.
3. Optimal training courses can provide you with optimal professional supports.
4. With regard to our products, any distributor can promote its own market brand to realize distribution under the same brand. We can also provide professional packing design for all products according to customers’ requirements.
5. Any distributor can select to be agent of original wine of high quality.
6. Warehouse and professional cellar of constant temperature and humidity are your permanent and reliant guarantee.

GLORY & HARMONY WINE CO., LTD. dedicates to development of wine market and promotion of wine culture. The company aims to provide you with optimal services based on such agented products as sparkling wine, white wine, pink wine, red wine and rum of high quality in the world.

Add: Grand Mansion, Nanshiliju Dongfengnanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing China
Tel: 400-700-9519 / 010-64378656