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Grand Mansion Artistic Group is a professional artistic group affiliated to Grand Mansion.
Grand Mansion Artistic Group is an artistic group under organization and management of members of Chinese Dancers Association and Chinese Dramatists Association, National Class A Directors, former professionals from army artistic groups and senior executives from enterprises, which is composed of numerous national performers and actors from professional artistic groups. It has more than 100 performers and actors. Major performances include dance, drama, face changing, acrobatics, magic and folk music.
Actors and programs of the group have been awarded numerous prizes as issued by Ministry of Culture, provincial and municipal cultural affairs departments at various performance contests held both at home and abroad. Grand Mansion Artistic Group have participated in numerous performances as organized by CCTV, BTV and TV stations of other provinces and cities, which have provided performances for audiences in European, American and Asian countries for many times.
Grand Mansion Artistic Group shall continuously put forward programs that are more new in the field of artistic performances based on the original programs, performance level and style as well as inheritance and promotion of traditional folk culture through proactive exploration and innovation.
Grand Mansion Artistic Group dedicates to folk artistic performances of Chinese characteristics based on the principle of people orientation, respect for talents, education by artistic performances as well as political integrity and professional competence. It takes “leading positive artistic performances; being industrial pioneer; exhibiting image of Grand Mansion and promoting Chinese quintessence” as its tenet to provide the most excellent programs.
Grand Mansion Artistic Group can assume various important social activities, cultural activities as organized by TV stations, grand celebrations, commonweal activities and commercial performances.

Grand Mansion Artistic Group
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