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Ecological Fresh Riverfood and Seafood, New Concept of Health

A poet in Tang Dynasty said in his poem Fisherman of Yuan River, “Lying against oars and enjoying gloaming in Tingzhou Sandbar, Taking river fish potherb and peach flower as dish, Singing a song in the deep mist and cloud, returning to Cangjiang River far away from green waves.”, which visually draws the outline of spectacular with good-looking riverfood and a vast expense of water. And the day when people in Beijing can enjoy ecological riverfood and seafood at home is no longer remote---another healthy dining masterpiece Chuan Jiang Seafood Restaurant was established in May, 2012 (invested by Grand Mansion (Beijing) Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.) through half a year transformation and decoration.

Located on the third floor, No. Jia 20, Shouti South Road, Haidian District, Beijing City, Chuan Jiang Seafood Restaurant is in the same building with Shouti flagship store of Grand Mansion and Beijing residence Guoxing store of Grand Mansion. When consumers enter into Chuan Jiang Seafood Restaurant with an area of more than 2000 square meters (it possesses individual customers hall and 11 high-end VIP chartered room, which can contain 130 guests to have dinner at the same time), they will be attracted by its exquisite and delicate tradition and modern feature; elegant deck, waved suspended ceiling and chartered room both for catering and meeting, all of them reflect consideration and tender of the host. It naturally combines luxury and respect required by business banquet with simple and enjoyment of modern taste. Every private room named behind five rivers and six streams of Sichuan, every corner of theses private rooms is filled with piquancy and relax of Sichuan flavor. No matter how years change, each place has its own way of supporting its own inhabitants. Bashu (two ancient cities in Sichuan) has deity of Bashan and charm of Shushui. It has “Beautiful mountain and fresh water” in humanistic character and its circumstances and sentiment of abundant resources and talents are long-standing and modern like growth ring. Red wine wall in the front door of Chuan Jiang Seafood Restaurant becomes beautiful scenery; it seems that grains essence and temperament of piquancy, goodness, hardworking, courage and wisdom are all infiltrated in these old wines with good, fragrant, peppery features and endless aftertastes.

Gold metal cook from Sichuan has refined and professional cooking skill regarding Sichuan dishes. Various delicacies are benefit to health maintenance and health and used by people due to their professional cooking skills. Here, you can enjoy ecological yellow catfish from rivers of our country with tender meat and abundant protein and fat and without spinule; you can also enjoy tiger grouper from tropical and subtropics sea area of Indian Ocean and Pacific; tiger grouper has tender meat, delicious taste, high protein content, low fat and such inorganic salt as amino acid that required by people. Duckbill fish that is rich in Yangtze River area has transparent and crispy bone, which can be ate out after crunching, and abundant protein with pharmacology health care effect. Australia geoduck (its country of origin is in coast of American and Canada North Pacific Ocean) has crispy meat and abundant protein with effect to maintain sodium balance and reduce fat and voltage. It is worth mentioning that classical beef and mutton of Chuan Jiang Seafood Restaurant are chosen from high-quality cattle and sheep in natural pasture of Inner Mongolia Xilinhot. We appoint qualified imam to slaughter cattle and sheep and then send beef and mutton to the shop after quarantine inspection, in this way; we maintain the tender meat and nutrient component. At the same time, we have various cold dishes and Sichuan traditional snacks, including well-known Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, wonton soup, Sichuan pickles and exquisite vegetarian buns which are good for health.

Let me cultivate your taste bud so that people in Beijing can experience nourishing and health care way at the same time when taste classical and ecological delicacies originated from snowy plateau and Chuanjiang River.

Chuan Jiang Seafood Restaurant

Add: Third Floor, No. Jia 20, Shouti South Road, Haidian District, Beijing City
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