Details on Shanghai Grand Mansion Restaurant

Old official mansion with integration of fashion and classics

Shanghai Grand Mansion Restaurant is situated at 1885 Shangcheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, which is an American-style official mansion. It is formerly known as Shenjia Villa, which has experienced three historical stages as represented by Late Qing dynasty, Republic of China and New China. It is endowed with historical elements and traces. Shanghai Grand Mansion Restaurant covers a business area of 2,300m2, of which, 10 spacious and private packaged rooms specially designed for business people are splendid, magnificent, noble and luxurious. Essence of Chinese architectural culture is a manifestation of status and dignity of each club member under the background decorated with modern aesthetic elements. Designations of 10 packaged rooms of Shanghai Grand Mansion Restaurant are from 16 sceneries in Beijing. Among them, “Green Juyong Fortress” Hall is available for dinning by twenty persons. The two halls---“Afterglow on Golden Terrace” and “Autumn Wind over Imperial Pool” are interconnected. The spacious 2,300m2 outdoor terrace is available for cocktail party, news release, business banquet and terrace party. The hall of “Mountain Scene at the Yinding Bridge” is complicated in structure, which is available for business talks and private banquet. Environmental designer of Shanghai Grand Mansion Restaurant makes use of modern fashion elements and colors to ensure the optimal integration of both Chinese and western design styles to manifest the profundity of Chinese culture as well as features and fashions of western aesthetics. The restaurant has attracted attentions and praises of the media since its opening, and has won high recognitions from counselors from consulates of many countries in Shanghai and renowned persons from cultural and artistic cycle, performance cycle and enterprises. Shanghai Grand Mansion Restaurant can provide each member with customized menu based on the cuisine conception of “health preservation and green food”. Private dishes of Hong Kong style and four-season health preservation soup have won high praises from numerous gastrologists. Shanghai Grand Mansion can provide you with customized menu in a timely manner according to your special demands and changing seasons at a telephone call. You can experience the happiness from our services while enjoying delicious food.

Add: 3-4 F, Building C, No.665 Shangcheng Road, Pudong New Area,Shanghai (near North Nanquan Road) For reservations.
Tel: 021-58781888