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Dear members, Grand Mansion (Beijing) Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. extends sincere welcome to you for your membership. We have been constantly persisting in the mission to “provide customers with grand feasts loaded with unique cultural charm and pleasing & noble high-quality life” and spare no efforts to build a No. 1 cultural catering brand! Now we welcome your presence sincerely and hope you can enjoy yourself and experience a healthy life in Grand Mansion.
                                                                                                                                                                           From colleagues in Grand Mansion

A Card:Discount Card

Usage Manual:
1. The card can generally use in the regular Grand Mansion restaurant,all Grand Mansion Recreation
Center and the Dignitary KTV;
2. Please present this card when checkout,the card cannot be used as a substitute for cash;
3. The card cannot be used together with any other promotions;
4. The VIP card owner have the right to check the amount and consumption;
5. Once the card is lost, please contact the first issue shop to reissue another new one as soon as possible;
6. The card balance reaches zero,you may recharge it and continue to use this card;or you may upgrade it to
another high level;
7. The VIP may not consume by the card until present this card;
8. The card never refund once sold;
9. The card is valid for one year.

VIP-B card: score card

(If types of exchangeable gifts are different from those listed on the website, gifts exchanged at site
prevail and their prices are equal.)

Usage Manual:
1. This card is visible score card which shall be produced after the consumption is made in order to totalize
the scores;
2. Scores can be totalized in this score card according to the actual annual consumption amount and one
yuan generated one score;
3. There are four types of exchangeable scores:100000, 50000, 30000, 10000;The scores are corresponding
to the above gifts; one of them may be your choice;
4. Scores are totalized after each consumption activity. If the score is insufficient, exchangeable types can be
lowered but advance exchange cannot be available. If gifts are exchanged, scores in the card are reduced
meanwhile and the rest scores can still be totalized;
5. The score totalizing incentive policy only applies to the said gifts and no cash can be exchanged.
Those who fail to exchange gifts within defined period are deemed to waiver their rights,
and no supplemental exchange is available.

This membership card is quite hot now and Grand Mansion extends passionate welcome to you!
If there is any problem, please contact member service hotline 400-702-6100.